Welcome to Manx Ices

Manx Ices award winning ice cream is made here in the Isle of Man in a refurbished 18th century water mill.

The Island is situated between the coastlines of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in the  middle of the Irish Sea. Dramatic unspoilt landscapes and lush rolling fields provide the perfect surroundings to produce our award winning ice cream.

At Manx Ices we are passionate about the quality of our ingredients. That is why we use whole Manx milk and double cream that helps to support our local farmers and ensure that you can enjoy the finest quality ice cream.

You’re welcome to come and see us making our ice cream or visit our water mill at Silverdale Glen.
For a virtual tour click here, or to book a tour click here.


Our Isle of Man Ice Cream Range

All our ice cream is hand-made to a traditional recipe and we only use the finest quality ingredients. Our milk and cream comes from our local Manx dairy farms whose herds graze on the island’s lush green pastures and it’s the integrity of the milk and cream when blended together with quality ingredients that makes our ice cream range award winning… Click here to find out more about our range of 14 different flavours.